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10/27/2008, 09:26

Common Expressions (How Do You Say?)

Simple Words
Welcome = Bon Bini
How are you? = Kon ta bai?, Con ta bai?
I am fine = Mi ta bon
I am fine, thank you = Mi ta bon, danki
Merry Christmas = Bon pasco
Happy New Year = Bon aa
Thank you = Danki
Thank you very much = Masha danki
See you later = Te aworo
Good Morning = Bon dia
Good afternoon = Bon tardi
Good evening = Bon nochi
Beautiful = Bunita
Very good = Hopi bon
Quietly, slowly = Poco poco
Sweet = Dushi
Congratulations = Pabien
Have a good day = Pasa bon dia, Pasa un bon dia
Goodbye = Ayo
Bye = Ajo
Kiss = Sunchi
Drugstore = Botica
imagination = imahinashon
arrival = yegada
hundred = shen
watchman = wchmn
air condition = erkondeshen
desert = wustein
rent = hr
eye = wowo
What time is it? = kwan tor tin
Where do you live? = Unda bo ta biba
me = Ami
you = Abo
All of us = Nos tur
All of you = boso
The two of us = nos dos
I or I am = mi
I can speak Papiamento = Mi por papia Papiamento
I love Aruba = Mi stima Aruba
I want = Mi kier
Congratulations = Pabien
Very Good! = Hopi bon
Quietly or slowly = Poco poco
See you later = Te aworo

Word for a Loved One
A kiss = Un sunchi
A hug = Un braza
My sweetheart = Mi dushi
Delicious or great = dushi 'om
With all my love = Ku tur mi amor
To french kiss = Ranka Lenga
A loved one = frei
My love = Mi amor
To cheat on someone = ranka orea
Smells good = hole dushi
Very good = Hopi bon

How much does this cost = kwanto esaki ta costa
Looking around, browsing = Mi ta wak rond
Lets go out on a trip = Ban dal un trip
The Bank = Banco
Money = Plaka
What movie is playing today = Ki pelicula ta hunga awe?
Sneakers = keds
Shoes = sapato
In the town = den caya
I'm thirsty = Mi tin sed
I'm hungry = Mi tin hamber
Lets go home = Ban kas
Botica = Drugstore

Additional Words and Phrases
Come here = bin aki
Lets go out = ban sali
Lets enjoy = ban goza
Everything is going well = tur kos ta bon
Lets continue = ban sigi
Lets eat = ban come
Water = awa
Rain = awacero
Lightning = lamper
Thunder = strena
Cloud = nubia
The beach, also the ocean = lama
Sand, also country = tera
The country side = kunuku, cunuku
In the city = den stad
At the port = na waf
Bridge = brug

Food = cuminda
Bread = pan
Butter = manteca
Cheese = keshi
Pisca = Fish
Cold cuts = beleg
Milk = lechi
Soda = soft or refresco
Sweets/candy = mangel
A lollipop made in Aruba = chupa bebe
Similar to pate = pastechi
Sugar = suku
Salt = salo
Pepper = pika

Additional Words and Phrases
Fine, thank you = Bon, danki
Please = Por fabor
Thank you very much = Masha danki
You're welcome = Di nada
It's a pleasure = Mucho gusto
Very good = Hopi bon
I understand = Mi ta comprende
What is your name? = Con bo nomber ta?
My name is Maria = Mi Nomber ta Maria
I don't understand you = Mi no ta comprende bo
Nice to meet you = Contento di mira bo
I am thirsty = Mi tin sed
I am hungry = Mi tin hamber
I speak English = Mi ta papia Ingles
Is it far? = E ta leu pa bai?
Let's eat at = Ban come na....
Where are you staying? = Unda bo ta keda?

My room number is... = E number di mi camber ta...
Where are you going? = Unda bo ta bai?
I am going to Aruba = Mi ta bai Aruba
I am tired =
How old are you? = Cuanto aa bo tin?
I am 29 years of age = Ami tin 29 aa
Would you like to dance? = Bo kier baila?
Aruba is beautiful = Aruba ta bunita
Let's go to town = Laga nos bai playa
I'd like a cold beer = Mi kier un serbes bon friew

Let's go to the beach = Ban playa
Always nice weather = Semper bon tempo
I will call a taxi = Mi lo jama un taxi
This is my house = Esaki ta mi casa
I don't have any money = Mi no tin placa
I am on vacation = Mi ta cu vacansi

Very Good! = Hopi bon
I am fine = Mi ta bon
I or I am = mi

See you later = Te aworo
Food = cuminda
Bread = Pan
I love Aruba = Mi stima Aruba

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