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Days of the week (How do you say?)

posted by mahasiswa(R) Homepage E-mail, Lexington, KY, 07/12/2008, 01:05
(edited by mahasiswa on 07/12/2008, 01:10)

Monday = (Hari) Senin
Tuesday = (Hari) Selasa
Wednesday = (Hari) Rabu
Thursday = (Hari) Kamis
Friday = (Hari) Jumat
Saturday = (Hari) Sabtu
Sunday = (Hari) Minggu

The word Hari (meaningn "day";) is optional So for Monday you can either say hari senin or just senin. HOwever, since "week" in Indonesian is minggu, you should use "hari minggu" for Sunday instead of "minggu".


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